Need schematic to be used for RTL8710 QFN for custom pcb design

We are looking to design custom PCB for RTL8710 QFN IC, We need instructions on schematic for creating the pcb for the same.

We tried checking all documentation but could not find any instructions any guidlines to pcb design or how to enable coding via FTDI for RTL8710

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Hi @yakshatantra Please confirm which model you are using, especially the suffix of the model number. You may refer to all the models on this page for detailes
IoT SoC / MCU – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

Hi xidameng, All these pcbs are too big for us, we are looking to design our own pcb with QFN processor “RTL8711BU-A0”. Where can I get reference instructions for connection and program it.

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Hi @yakshatantra Thanks for providing the model number, please note that

is of the Ameba Z family, and all official documents can be downloaded here @

where can I get Autodesk ( formerly Cadsoft EAGLE ) parts library for RTL8710,RTL-8195A and RTL-8711AM , I need it to design PCB.


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Hi @Alok_Kumar_Mishra
You may download the schematics and layout from the official website for free@ Ameba1 – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

files on link provided are in *.asc and *.pcb format, I need in autodesk (EAGLE) format ( library ), how do I open these ( *.asc and *.pcb) format files

Hi @Alok_Kumar_Mishra

You can open the downloaded pcb file with PADS Viewer from Siemens for free