Custom board development using Realtek RTL8735B SoC

The AMB82 MINI dev. board has RTL8735B SoC. If one has to develop a custom board using RTL8735B, where can one buy this SoC?

Also - RTL8735B is not listed in the product list on Realtek’s website. Only RTL8715Ax is listed here - Realtek

Is RTL8735B discontinued? Or, it is not available to general public?

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @R_P,

May I know how many IC chips you are wanting to buy?

I will check on Monday.

Thank you.

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Hi Kelvin,

For now, we’re looking at 10 SoCs. We’re prototyping a wireless camera product for the surveillance/security markets, and are evaluating RTL8735B for this. Later, we’ll need it in higher quantities.

If possible, could you also please check on the reason RTL8735B is not listed on Realtek’s website? (i.e. would it be available/supported for the next few years?)

Many thanks!

Hi @R_P ,

You may refer to this Ameba RTL8735BDM 模組.

For purchase of RTL8735B module only.

Let me know if it works for you.

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Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for suggesting this module.

This module would work to a limited extent - for prototyping/evaluating. We’re also using the AMB82 Mini dev. board for evaluation.

However, we’re re developing our own custom PCB for the MVP - to fit in the small form-factor camera /meeting the low-power requirements etc. For that we’ll need the RTL8735B SoC.

If we could purchase it from Realtek, or any other place we’ll place the order. Have looked up online sites like Alibaba/Aliexpress (& a few others) but the SoC isn’t available anywhere.

Thank a lot again for helping out! Much appreciate it.

Hi @R_P,

Unfortunately, for now, for small quantity, it is not available to purchase RTL8735B SoC, if the module is not what you are looking for. If you are purchasing large quantity, you may fill up this form for NDA SDK support. (Buying IC/NDA SDK related). They will be able to support you on this.

If in future there is a way for you to directly purchase RTL8735B SoC in small quantity, we will let you know.


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Hi Kelvin - We’ll use the NDA SDK support when we’re ready to procure the SoCs in large volumes.

Thank you for your prompt help & support.

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I have the same issue. We started to develop on the AMB-82 mini but can’t find where to buy modules in small quantity for prototypes with custom PCBs.

I don’t really understand Realtek position with this product, they seems to show it as an alternative for the ESP32, but you can’t buy bare modules and they don’t provide public framework with key features (ie OTA…).