RTL8195AM bare module details

Hello, I would like to know the pinout of RTL8195AM as bare module to make costume board/PCB. In development board schematics I understand the need of DAP IC to download and debug, but if I have a bare module could I be able to program it using general serial USB to UART adaptor? or I compulsory need that DAP IC?

Moreover, Is there any official email where I can ask the price for mass quantities (modules) and vendors?

Thank You.

Hi @Chirag
Please refer to the page below for more information regarding your enquiry

Hay, thanks @xidameng , I will look for it.

Although my quarry is, for the custom board, If I have a RTL8195AM bare module, how can I upload arduino bootloader or how can I upload firmware? The documents mentioned are for development board only that uses DAP IC as USB to TTL converter (correct me if I am wrong).
And I am a bit confused with DAP IC, I believe its for programming the module but can we use another USB to TTL chip instead of this DAP IC for my costume design?

Moreover, please provide the module pinouts with functions so we can have more clarity.

Thank You.

Hi, Using DAP IC (essentially another microcontroller with DAP firmware) is the default uploading method for RTL8195AM, it will be simple and easy. However, if you really not into getting a DAP chip, then you may try flashing with JLINK, you can find more information at the link below

and also in the doc section under the Ameba IoT official website

some other interesting information from the community that you may find useful

PS: RTL8195AM and RTL8710AF all belong to the same Ameba 1 family thus they also share the same uploading methods