How to I program am3ba to read an input voltage?

I want to read an amplified voltage with ameba and recalculate this voltage on some formulas and to a screen…how do I do?

Hi @Albino_Kaziu

What do you mean by amplified voltage ? The ADC on ameba is only capable of reading up to 3.3V, if you want to read higher voltages, you will need external circuitry to lower the voltage, or use an external ADC capable of reading higher voltages.

Thanks for your reply. Jn tge videos it says that this device can measure up to 5 Volts…im really confused rn :slight_smile:

Not sure what video you are referring to, but they are wrong. Ameba modules are all 3.3V powered, thus the ADCs can only measure up to 3.3V.