External Antenna on B&T BW16

I have a B&T BW16. I would like to use it with an external antenna. I assume the solder pads are for a coax connecter but would like some clarity. Is there any documentation or guidelines on how set set up an external antenna?


It looks like it is a pad for an IPEX antenna connector.
Referring to the RF schematics in the module datasheet, it looks like you might need to change the orientation of a resistor to switch the output to the RF pad, in which case you would probably need to remove the RF shielding cover, but the schematics is too blurry to be sure.

It might be better to contact ai-thinker, the manufacturer of the module directly, for detailed information on how to change over the RF output, since there are no silkscreen labels on the module pcb. My guess would be the resistor at the top center of the module.

@wyy Thank you. I agree with your assessment. Too bad its not documented