Erase Flash Memory on Arduino IDE selection "no eable"

Hi Supporter
why is my Arduino IDE not same as you? my IDE is Tool–>Erase All Flash Memory(4MB)–>Erase Only
so when I need to upload from serial port, I need to do two times upload action, for second time upload I need to disable this selection first and do upload.

Hi @yithwe ,

Based on different version of Arduino IDE, we might change the item display text if necessary. For the detailed explanations of user buttons, please refer to Getting Started page based on your board. However, I will provide a sample guide here if you are a AMB23 user: Ameba ARDUINO: Getting Started with RTL8722DM MINI​ – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

  • Enable/Erase only: erase flash
  • Disable: compile and upload current image to the flash

So yes, your understanding is correct. And hope I have clarified your doubts.


ok,Thank for your information.

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Thanks for your reply, I will try to erase before upload new image.