Why can't i run arduino program

I have an AMB23 board, the program running normal at AMB23 .so I bought two AM8722DM01-6V1-W1 module,when I upload my program , the program can not run normal.
even all the arduino demo can not run normal。

arduino sdk 3.1.6
arduino 1.8.19

I have found the solution as following。
if you bought third party module,The Erase Flash option must be ENABLE!!!
Then you can upload your own firmware or demo。

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Hi @oxygenben,

To further explain your doubt.

By default, all the factory images were burned into the board through the OTA method.

After reading this guide on the official website, you might be noticed that while there is an image in the OTA2 section, the board will always default boot from the OTA2 section. No matter whether you have uploaded your code to the OTA1 section via USB UART.

Thanks for your clarification for your post, hope your question will also help other users.

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