Could you provide for communation between mobile and Ameba protocols or command?

Hi supporter
We need to imprement APP like “Easy WiFi config” communicate between mobile and Ameba 26, do you have protocols document or command for how to let BLE scan for WiFi and connect to WiFi Command? detail items as below list, Thanks.
(1)mobile request Ameba BLE scan for WiFi command
(2)what command or result Ameba reply
(3)Ameba reply WiFi list automatically or need to ask for result
(4)which command mobile need to pass to ameba for connect to WiFi
(5)which command mobile need to pass to ameba for disconnect to WiFi
(6)mobile request Ameba for stop scan WiFi command

Hi @yithwe,

The TLV contents communicated between the mobile phone and Ameba boards is encapsulated using a library (lib), not released.

Only the UI or BLE operations are released.

You can consider looking at these open-source codes



Hi Pammyleong
Thanks for your information.