Connect and customize to Wi-Fi with BLE

My use case: I must use Wi-Fi in the 5G spectrum to transmit data from my Pico to my client’s device. I must now set my own UUID and Name for my Ameba. In order to connect to the WiFi network that my client’s device is linked to, I’m trying to send data to Ameba via BLE. I’m new to this ameba; if anyone can help, it would be great. I need to specify my own settings instead of the default ones (example is the same as BLEWIFIConfig).
Thank you

Dear @akycdi ,
Could you please specify the questions below:

  1. since you only mentioned Pico and the client’s device, what is the role of Ameba in this project?

  1. which device is going to connect to the WiFi network that currently your client’s device is connecting to?

  1. If the use case is the same as the BLEWIFIConfig example, for this step, you need to create the APP by yourself since the APP is not open-source.

    You might need to understand that the role of the Ameba board in this example is as Bluetooth Peripheral that only Advertises its information to any Bluetooth Central device (Phone APP) that is currently scanning for all incoming notifications.

Hope you could provide more specified information on your used case and understand whether the provided use case BLEWIFIConfig fulfills your requirement.

Thank you. BR~