Compilation of Ameba Arduino Sketch stopped by virus scanner

Hi All,

My names is James and I have just received a RTL8722DM_MINI from Seeed Studio. I am new to this forum and this board, but have experience with Arduino, ESP32 and other ARM based processors used for iot.
My issue is with the compilation and download of Arduino sketches. when I try and do this using the blinky sketch, my virus scanner software quarantines two of the board specific files, pad.exe and pick.exe. My PC is Windows 10 and I am running Arduino version 1.8.9 with the Realtek board software version 3.0.8 installed.
I am reluctant to turn off virus scanning without some assurance that these files are ‘clean’, so I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has experienced a similar problem.


What virus scanner software are you using? This is the first time I have heard about scanners blocking these two files. This is most likely just an over sensitive antivirus software, since the pad and pick files are probably not signed. It is suggested that you whitelist these files, since they are necessary for the binary upload process.

pad.exe is use to add in extra filler bytes to a binary file to align it. pick.exe is used to prepare the compiled binary files for flashing onto the board. You can find the source for both files at github and verify the functionality for yourself.

Dear @twister,

Thanks for choosing Ameba RTL8722DM-MINI and welcome to Ameba Family.

We’d like to invite you to join us for an online debugging (live coding) session in Accomdemy. Since there will be an open-box event for the RTL8722DM-MINI board next week. You could bring up this question and discuss it with us if you don’t mind. Thank you~

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Hi @wyy,
Thank you for your reply.
I am using McAfee Internet security. As you say, this might be a bit over sensitive and, as it does not appear to be a general problem, I think I can ignore it.

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Hi @dakamaster,

Thank you for your reply and for the invitation to the online debugging and coding session, I will certainly try and attend.

I have excluded pad.exe and pick.exe from virus scanning and all is working well now.

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Dear @twister, thanks for your update. Hope you enjoy using RTL8722DM-MINI.