Question about commerical product and access to tool chain


Couple of questions?

I’m very new to Ameba, its a bit hard to find information/datasheets/schematics/application notes, … and coming here from youtube channel, I have seen Realtek brand before, sound cards and stuff :smiley: but this very new to me…

to confirm, AmebaIOT is subsidiary of Realtek, specalized in IOT/AI using RTL87XX working on hardware and sdk and toolchains?

another question, sdk and tool chains, in videos it looked like you have couple of services running for model translations, once NDA signed, is everything provided to run/build/compile/translate models and can everything be done offline without a connection to Ameba or any 3rd pary?

as part of signed contract, would you require to have access to the design/models/code of customers?

and one last question, do you have an office or rep. in US?

Hi @ama_trig ,

You may fill up the form in this post Buying IC/ NDA SDK related and we will contact you after internal review to address your questions.

Thank you.