BLEscan example

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the maximum number of BLE signals can be scanned?

I have modified the BLEscan example code to send scan data over I2C to a Raspberry Pi. This requires me to know the largest size buffer needed to store this data and send over I2C. I have looked at several of the source code files hoping to find a macro defined for the maximum number of BLE signals that can be obtained per scan but haven’t yet. My research led me to gap_scan.h which lists the function T_GAP_CAUSE le_scan_start(void), however I am unable to find the files that implements this function.

I am looking for something similar to WL_NETWORKS_LIST_MAXNUM listed in wl_definitions.h. It may be the case that there isn’t a macro defined but I would like to know what the worst case scenario would be for transmitting data so I can allocate my buffer properly.


(couldn’t edit OP so replying with some clarification)

I may have implied that WL_NETWORKS_LIST_MAXNUM is the actual maximum number of Wi-Fi signals that can be obtained. However, I do see that the wifi_scan_networks function uses the internal_scan_handler_t struct that defines max_ap_size with an unsigned char thus limiting the retrievable number of signal data to 256 (correct if wrong).

I tried to follow the same logic for finding the BLE class’s maximum number of signals but as I stated above, I am unable to locate the implementation file for T_GAP_CAUSE le_scan_start(void).

Hi , those source files are compiled into libraries and hidden from users. If you could not find the information you need using the Realtek Standard SDK, then it is not meant to be released to the public.