Wifi Manager Module

I am looking for WifiManager module which is available for ESP8266. I want to connect connect my device based on wifi availablity.

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There are several WiFi managers – it depends on the WiFi module you are working with.
For example – you may work with RTL8720 module (AmebaZII) or BW16, which working with Realtek code.


Thanks @Jack0321


I am also looking for wifiManager similar to ESP8266. I am using RTL8710 module. Is RTL8720 will help in that case.??

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Hi Sujith,

Welcome to Ameba family and this forum, and thanks for the quesion.

As Jack mentioned, there are some library available, but none customized for RTL8710, the work needed to port those library to RTL8710 is not too much, maybe you would like to bring it over and benefit the community too :slight_smile:

Hi Xidameng,

Thanks for your reply. Can you please share the git hub link, for the same.I could not able to find exact link.


Sure, here it is,