Why BW16 doesn't support hid keyboard lib?

I am a newbie,
I see in the example of BW16 there is a HIDKeyboard but when uploading to the board, it gives an error. I don’t know exactly why it doesn’t, BW16 only supports BLEHID right. Or is it because of its usb to ttl chip.
Thank you for reading

Hi @VuDuc09 , there are BLEHIDKeyboard and USBHIDKeyboard examples. And yes, BW16 supports BLE but it does not support USB. May I know which example are you referring to and what kind of error you have gotten when uploading to the board? Thank you.

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I just want to find the way to use usbhid, thanks you for your reply. But I think BLE is more convenient and I will go in that direction

Sure, no problem! :slight_smile:

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