What is the difference between Ameba RTL8722DM (AMB 21) and Ameba RTL8722CSM (AMB 22)?

Is there any difference between Ameba RTL8722DM (AMB 21) and Ameba RTL8722CSM (AMB 22) Specification wise? Just curious to know!

src: Buy Ameba Boards – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

Hi Salmanfarisvp,

If you refer to the datasheet, you will be able to see the capabilities of each model number.

The RTL8722CSM lacks the dual band WiFi capability of the RTL8722DM

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Thanks, and is the module is available to purchase now?

You can buy them at Good Display, but it looks like the modules are temporarily sold out.
Alternatively, you could also try contacting Realtek Sales to see if they are available anywhere else.

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Thanks, It’s looks like the module have no RF Shield and is it compliance with FCC ?

Regarding the RF shield, you might want to contact the seller to check if they provide it.

Since the intended purpose of the modules and EVBs is for end-product manufacturers to do their own in-house development and testing, Realtek provides support for certification testing, including providing the RTL8722 images necessary for the FCC test.

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