Buying rtl8722 chips

I can’n find a store to buy rtl8720 chips. Please tell me who you can give more information about buying this chip.

Are you buying RTL8720 or RTL8722? And also what is the suffix of the model? Like RTL8722DM, or RTL8720DN, these two are totally different things

I want to buy RTL8720DN. In actual docs I saw another one - RTL8720DF. It’s analog don’t need external flash, is do? I need chip with 5 GHz wifi feature and minimal place on pcb. It will works with host processor over uart.
Thanks in advance for support!

Hi RTL8720DN can be found easily with a google search, here is the result I found from my google search,

Hi! Yes, The modules based on RTL9720DN is available. I need only chip to mounting on my scheme.

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Hi Victor,

Since I have the same question, would I told me where can I buy this chip (RTL8722D_)?


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Hi @GininTsvetan I have just replid you with a private message, thanks

We’d like to use a combo solution in our device 2.4/5GHz WiFi+BLE5. It should also be as small as possible, has an integrated flash memory, and is power effective.
Based on the datasheet it seems like the most optimal solution we can consider for our device is the RTL8720DF.
Also, to confirm the RTL8720DN -does require an external flash, right?

Who can assist us in this and support further?

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Yes you do

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Hello, can you please tell me where can I find pricing of RTL8710AF (as well other MCUs) for bulk buying (1k units) and how reliable will be supply if one wishes to integrate these modules in their products.

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Dear Darpan,
do you buy RTL8710AF module or chip?

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Same question here – are you interested in the module or just the chip?

For modules, I think you can find many reliable source on Alibaba for various Realtek IoT IC models

For IC, you may drop me a private message so I can help to forward your enquiry to Realtek’s regional distributor/representative


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I am looking for the all in one solution for our IP camera like product, I think 8720DF is the prefect match, where I can find the complete datasheet and quotation? PS, I need the chip, not the module


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Hi Patrick,

For a brief comparison between different models under the Ameba D series (RTL872x), you may refer to this page,

Also you may check our official website for datasheet & application notes on RTL8722DM which share majority of the features with RTL8720DF at,

Thank you Simon,

May I have the quotation as well?

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Hi @PatrickChen
Please check your private message, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,

May I know where I can find the RTL8715 datasheet and price information?


Hi you can checkout AmebaPro’s opensource SDK at

Then navigate to doc directory for its application notes