Using FreeRTOS with Arduino SDK

Is it possible to use FreeRTOS with the Arduino SDK?

This post: FreeRTOS Scheduling Issue (rtl8720dn) seems to suggest it’s possible to add vanilla FreeRTOS to the arduino IDE, but I can’t see it in the listed libraries, nor do any of the examples that I saw explicitly include FreeRTOS.h and the FreeRTOS library.

I want to use pretty much vanilla FreeRTOS in the main event loop, but I’m not sure how to achieve that.

Is it just a matter of #include’ing FreeRTOS.h and magic happens behind the scenes?? I’ve not used Arduino before and the way the libraries are included and linked is a little opaque.

Hi @mvdw ,

It is definitely possible to use FreeRTOS with Arduino SDK. However, the reason you do not see any examples using FreeRTOS library, is that Arduino SDK is designed to simplify coding for users and users who want to use FreeRTOS directly should use the open source standard SDK, or if you have the NDA, you can access the closed-source SDK which will allow you to have dedicated technical support and access to more features.

Thank you.