Standrad SDK pmap_func


How could we to init the pin direction in pinmap_init() ?
does pin direction be related with low power ?

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Based on your previous issue, I am assuming that you are using open-source AmebaD SDK.

There is a comment section above of the pinmap_init() indicating you need to set up the Pull Up or Pull Down direction in pmap_func :

Where the pin mapping function for PMC(Power Management Control) is located here


Hi dakamaster,
Thank you very much for your response,
what the context you metioned I had saw before,
what my query is the gpio direction’s impact on low power.

But that’s okay. I found a docment related this, thgouht it’s a simple answer as below.

Sharing it as a reference.
Thanks again.

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Hi ,
Thanks for sharing. I will learn more about it! :slight_smile: