'SD' was not declared in this scope; did you mean 'SI'?

Hello! I can’t create a folder from the code in Arduino ide 2.3.2 on the amb82mini board in sdcard. I connect the library <SD.h> but it always outputs an error when compiling like this. How to connect any other board from meneger boards does not give an error. But I need it from the amb82mini board

Hi @Andrey_M,

Please refer to this guide. You cannot use the library <SD.h>. Use <AmebaFatFS.h> instead. File System – Simple applications with SD card – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

Hi Kevin_Huang, Thank You! There is another question, a little off-topic, how do I get the date and time of the local computer on amb82mini, I tried TimeLib, time, DS3231. Only TimeLib outputs 1970-0-0 and there is no change, or should I create another forum on this topic?

Hi @Andrey_M,

There is no need to create another post on this. You can refer to this guide. NTP – Retrieve Universal Time (UTC) by NTPClient library – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

Thank you.

Thank you very much, Kevin!