RTL8721CSM- Is it possible to configure UART_LOG (PA[7],PA[8]) for other application use?

Is it possible to disable the default UART_LOG port and use it for other purpose? If so, is there an application note/ document explaining this?

The only other function connected to the LOG_UART PA_7 PA_8 pins would be generic GPIO, and that is a function that is not lacking on the other pins. But yes, you should be able to use the pins as GPIO.

Thank you for the reply.
Could you please let me know how to disable the LOG_UART? I tried disabling SUPPORT_LOG_SERVICE under platform_opts.h but I still see messages being displayed on terminal.

Are you using Arduino or standard SDK? In both cases, it should be similar to configuring regular pins as GPIO.
For Arduino, pinMode should work.
For standard SDK, following the examples in GPIO/mbed or GPIO/raw should work.

I am using standard SDK, will look at examples. Thank you.