How to suppress unwanted debug output

My application runs fine, but there is a regularly occurring debug message on the main UART like this:
RTL8721D[Driver]: set group key to hw: alg:4(WEP40-1 WEP104-5 TKIP-2 AES-4) keyid:2
This message appears more regularly on some WiFi networks than others. The keyid: number seems to change from time to time.
The WiFi link appears to be working OK despite these messages.
Scanning the SDK directory with grep, I only see this message in binary files which makes me think it is being generated by a pre-compiled binary library, meaning that I don’t have access to the source to turn it off.

As our application uses the UART for configuration purposes (as well as firmware updating), we don’t really want to bother the user with this message.

Is there any way I can suppress it (without access to the source code)?

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Unfortunately no, it seems like the messages have been useful in debugging commercial customer issues, thus the team in charge of WIFI development did not include any easy way of disabling WIFI driver messages.

The set group key message itself does not indicate anything wrong with the WIFI connection, my understanding is that it is just something defined in the WIFI specifications to change after a set period for security.

You could consider changing to another UART port, since the LOG_UART port is used by default for all debug messages.

A more adventurous method could be to directly edit the compiled binary before upload. It is likely that the messages all print from the same base message stored at one location in code. Changing this to just a newline followed by NULL characters could perhaps remove it.

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Thanks for that,
I don’t really have an option to use the other UART, as I only have one USB to serial converter on the board, which has to couble as a configuration port and as a firmware update port (and I’m using almost every pin on the SOM for other purposes!)

I might give the ‘edit the binary’ a go - clever idea.