Output camera to a SPI Port

Is there any way to output the camera stream to the SPI channels?

My idea is transmitting the video using a transciever that has SPI ports, so I need to output the video by SPI, or at least manipulate it

  1. Interface Camera Module with Microcontroller: Connect the camera module to a microcontroller that supports camera interfacing, such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or a dedicated microcontroller with camera interface capabilities.
  2. Capture Image or Video: Use the microcontroller to capture the camera stream, either as individual images or as a continuous video stream.
  3. Convert Data to SPI Format: Convert the image or video data into a format that can be transmitted over the SPI interface. This may involve encoding the data in a specific format suitable for SPI communication.
  4. Transfer Data over SPI: Use the SPI communication protocol to transfer the image or video data from the microcontroller to another device that can receive SPI data, such as another microcontroller, display driver, or SPI-enabled peripheral.
  5. Display or Process Data: Receive the SPI data on the other end, decode it if necessary, and display the image or process the video stream using appropriate hardware or software.