Midbar (RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno Version)

Hello, everyone.
AmebaIoT 論壇的朋友們,大家好。

Allow me to introduce you to Midbar (RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno Version).
請允許我向你們介紹我的新專案 Midbar (開發板:RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno)。

It’s a password and credit card vault.
The Midbar (RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno Version) is able to store sixteen login credentials and 10 credit cards.
Midbar (開發板:RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno) 是一個密碼和信用卡的安全保險箱,可以幫您存儲 16 個登錄憑證和 10 張信用卡。

It also comes with other handy features, such as:

  • Advanced Encryption Algorithm; 高級加密算法
  • RFID-lockable; 通過 RFID 鎖定或解鎖
  • PS/2 Keyboard Support; 支持 PS/2 鍵盤
  • Nintendo 64 Controller support; 任天堂 64 數位 手柄遙控功能
  • Flash Integrity Check; 閃存完整性的檢查
  • 14 Lock screens. 14 個鎖定屏幕

If you’re interested in this project, you can find the tutorials for it on:

As for the firmware, the links are in the tutorials. But for the sake of convenience, I paste the part with the links here:

You can download the firmware for Midbar from one of these sources.
您可以從下面這些網站下載 Midbar 的固件

If you just need the firmware for the device alongside the RNG, then I would advise you to download the archive that weighs less than 2 MB from SourceForge.
如果您只需要 RNG 設備的固件,那麼我建議您從 SourceForge 下載這個不到 2 MB 的固件壓縮包。

But if you need the firmware for all versions of Midbar alongside the extra code, photos, and diagrams, in that case, I would advise you to download the 241 MB archive from GitHub.
但是如果您需要所有版本 Midbar 的固件以及源代碼、照片和圖表等,您可以從 GitHub 下載 241 MB 的完成固件壓縮包。

I hope you find this device handy.

Best Regards,
Maxim Bortnikov

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@Northstrix ,

Thanks for reposting your project under the Chinese Sharing session. I have proceed with translating your project into traditional Chinese for relavant target audience.

Best Regards.

Hi, @dakamaster

Thank you for making a Chinese version of this post.

Although I can’t find the original one now.

It’s actually a new version of Midbar.

Unlike the Midbar (RTL8720DN Version), the Midbar (RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno Version) is RFID-lockable and allows you to connect a Nintendo 64 controller to it.

Hi @Northstrix ,

Sorry for mixing up the two projects…

I will proceed to modify the post back and add in Chinese translation as well.

Thank you

Hi, @dakamaster
It’s ok.
Actually, I believe you should leave this post as it is.
I would simply make a new one. But this time also outline the differences between the two version and make it more descriptive.

Hi @Northstrix ,

God bless that there is version control provided in this forum platform. I have reverted your original post back, and added the translation below your post!

Thank you again for reminding me. Hope you don’t mind the small mistake I have made. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi, @dakamaster
No problems. I actually like the bilingual version more.
I guess I don’t need to make a new post anymore.
Thank you for resolving this issue so quickly.

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Hi @Northstrix ,

Your new project has been polished to our Traditional Chinese community:

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Hi @dakamaster, It looks good. Thanks.

If you want to get familiar with the Midbar project without assembling it, you can play with its simulation on Wokwi (https://wokwi.com/projects/374498956604379137).

Note that the Wokwi edition of Midbar doesn’t include such features as RFID-lockability, PS/2 keyboard support, Nintendo 64 Controller support, and fourteen lock screens available in the Midbar (RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno Version).

The simulation is also slow and a bit inconvenient to work with, but still, it should give you a feeling of what the Midbar is.

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