macOS Big Sur has been dropped since SDK 3.1.4

Environment: macOS Big Sir with installed

  1. Install Ameba version 3.1.4 or 3.1.5 from Board Manager
  2. Open a example app from Ameba folder
  3. Click verify
    Expected result: Compile successfully without any error
    Actual result: Compile failed where it complains:
dyld: Symbol not found: __ZTTNSt3__114basic_ifstreamIcNS_11char_traitsIcEEEE
  Referenced from: /Users/tester/Library/Arduino15/packages/realtek/tools/ameba_d_tools/1.1.0/postbuild_img2_arduino_macos (which was built for Mac OS X 12.0)
  Expected in: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
 in /Users/tester/Library/Arduino15/packages/realtek/tools/ameba_d_tools/1.1.0/postbuild_img2_arduino_macos
signal: abort trap
/Applications/ returned 255
Error compiling for board BW16 (RTL8720DN).

Revert the version under 3.1.3 will be fine.

  • Can we have the dependency back coz not everyone has the updated OS?
  • Also I think this kind of breaking change should be announced and also be noted in the package installer

Hi @Victor

Can you help me test this out:

go to /Users/tester/Library/Arduino15/packages/realtek/tools/ameba_d_tools/1.1.0/postbuild_img2_arduino_macos and replace the postbuild_img2_arduino_macos file with this (27.6 KB)

After replacing the file, try compiling again and let me know if this solution works.

Hi @wyy Yes it works on 3.1.4 and also I just found that this tools has been updated in 3.1.5 from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1. Can you also please create a patch for it?


Yes, I will add the fix into the tools.

@wyy Same issue happened in 3.1.6 can you please take a look?

Hi @Victor ,

Please go to /Users/tester/Library/Arduino15/packages/realtek/tools/ameba_d_tools/1.1.0/postbuild_img2_arduino_macos and replace the executable file contained in this zipped file. (27.6 KB)

Please let us know if the solution works. And this fix will be added to 3.1.7 release since by the time you raise this issue, the 3.1.6 QC is ongoing.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi @Victor,

The above fix for macOS Big Sur has been updated after AmebaD Arduino v3.1.7 pre-release.


I will check it when I can have it in Arduino IDE, thanks.