Inquiry about the "Boot Partition Table Header Verification Error" issue


I have purchased the AMEBA Z2 AWS IOT EXPRESSLINK DEV development board.

Additionally, I’ve set up the Ubuntu build environment and built the sample source code. After building, I downloaded the generated flash_ls.bin file using the AmebaZ2_PGTool.

After completing the download, I encounter the following error log during boot:

== Rtl8710c IoT Platform ==
Chip VID: 5, Ver: 3
ROM Version: v3.0
[BOOT Err]Parttiton Table Header Verification Err!
StartUp@0x0: Invalid RAM Img Signature!

I would appreciate it if you could provide a guide to resolve this situation.

Thank you for your assistance. Best regards.

Dear @ClassicIoT ,

Thanks for your questions.

But sorry that AMEBA Z2 is currently maintaining by another team.
Could you please raise your question, or copy this question link to their corresponding GitHub to raise an issue?

Thank you.


Thank you for the guide.

In the future, I will register the Git issue you provided for anything related to Ameaba Z2.

Thank you.

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