How to restore system.bin on a BW16?

I have one BW16 module that does not return to working state after I load 3 regular images by ImageTool. I beleive the problem is I mistakenly specified a wrong image #1 - km0_image2_all instead of km0_boot_all - and uploaded it into the chip, so my suspicion is since image2 is too long, it damaged system.bin.

Now when I loaded correct km0_boot_all, the module starts up, but obviously is booting some other km0_km4_image2, as on log_uart I see messages from standard AT firmware, and not my application, while my compiled km0_km4_image2 should look totally different.

I didn’t find neither in docs, nor on forum the way to restore system.bin file. The question is: how do I either build it, or copy from a working module, or it would be restored as part of some other procedure?


perhaps you could try doing a full flash erase first, then upload your firmware again?

As far as I understand, system.bin is only occasionally used to turn on some debugging features. You may have overwritten it’s flash memory space, but from your description of it booting standard AT firmware, it sounds more like somehow your uploaded image is unbootable, and the chip defaulted to booting the image located in the other OTA slot.

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Yes, it perfectly helped, thank you very much!