How to program RTL8710?

Hi every where. I want to program RTL8710 with UART interface (USB/TTL converter). This is posible? I have ic just, not programmer including.

if you use RTL00-01 module
you can try to AT command for OTA update
please refer to as below hyper-link
RTL00-01 AT command

#connect to AP


#connect to Download Server


but if you update FW is not AT Command please include OTA code in you FW.

I dont use RTL00-01, the hardware is a lamp controller IoT like this image

, and i need change firmware.

you can ask the vendor has supports OTA upgrade,
in other way can use JLink to connect the SWD port to download your FW

please refer to below

pvvx RTLDuino or

Thanks ! These documents helping me. But I still have doubts about how to program it. I have this board, it only has the RTL8710 + memory.

How can i program this? the vendor hasn’t supports me.

use the “T112” keyword for search, i found a webpage maybe can help you
T112 Module

I read the RTL8710BN user manual and found a describe to the UART download process, so maybe this will work

you can refer to blew URL:

[1]how to download teckin-sp22

how to download teckin-sp22

[2] tuya-convert


[3]RTL8710BN SDK