Face Recognition and Face Dectection

Face recognition and Face detection works like a charm when used in 2 different sketches.
But my goal is:
1- use a NN to recognize a registered face : facerecog.modelSelect(FACE_RECOGNITION, NA_MODEL, DEFAULT_SCRFD, DEFAULT_MOBILEFACENET);
2- and then a face dectection to get the face features key points: facedet.modelSelect(FACE_DETECTION, NA_MODEL, DEFAULT_SCRFD, NA_MODEL);

I tryed several approach with one input iostream to 2 outputs iostreams ( facedectection + facerecognition ) but only one works,

How to do that?


Hi @AI_Test,

Face recognition example includes face detection as well. facerecog.modelSelect(FACE_RECOGNITION, NA_MODEL, DEFAULT_SCRFD, DEFAULT_MOBILEFACENET); as you can see from this line, SCRFD and MOBILEFACENET are used.

May I know if the face features key points refer to the 5 points that appear in face detection? Modifications to the example code might be able to make it appear in face recognition example.

You may give it a try by modifying the callback function in RTSPFaceRecognition.ino with reference to RTSPFaceDetection.ino. I will let you know again if I have any results as well.

“May I know if the face features key points refer to the 5 points that appear in face detection?” yes it s the goal.

Not sure to understand how to use your advice as I woukd like to get both the name of the recognized face and the face feature.
Could it be possible to have the code snippet?


Sure, do give me some time to look into this. I will inform you again once I have any updates :slight_smile: Thank you