Any plans to support PyTorch models for object detection?


Are there any plans to support using PyTorch models for custom object detection? Right now, PyTorch models can only be used for face detection/recognition.

It seems counterintuitive that PyTorch isn’t supported for object detection when YOLOv7 is supported. YOLOv7 is primarily trained in PyTorch, although they do provide a -Tiny Darknet implementation that’s only really suitable for inference and not for training custom models. And since PyTorch is already supported for SCRFD/MobileFaceNet, why is it not supported for object detection?

We are currently evaluating whether we can use the AMB82 for a line of products in the near future, and PyTorch support for object detection would be helpful.

Hi @at_and_red , We are currently in the process of completing this tool. Estimated in February, it should be ready for user to use.

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That’s very promising. Thank you very much to you and the team for your hard work. I’ll be on the lookout for the update in February. I’m actually going to deploy an AMB82-Mini to the field to validate the object detection next week. Looks like I’ll have to issue a patch at some point to test it with a PyTorch model.

On that note, I hope you guys make OTA updates available for the Mini (maybe in the next revision of the dev board). It’s a very nice product, and there’s a good chance we’ll move forward with implementing it into our products, so we might be looking at larger-scale orders and access to the NDA SDK soon — which I’m hoping has OTA support or at least documentation so we can design our own implementation. However, it’s such a nice product that I was thinking of using it for my personal projects. One of the reasons I use ESP32s at home is because I can upload new firmware OTA. Right now, I’m uploading new firmware to remote Minis via small Linux SBCs. Not ideal, but serviceable. :sweat_smile:

Hi @at_and_red,

Sure, thank you for your support!

We will discuss internally to see if it is feasible for OTA features. :slight_smile:

Hi @at_and_red,

You can try out the conversion tool to convert yolov7 tiny model that is trained using PyTorch.
Thank you.

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Hi, @pammyleong,

Thanks for the update. Sorry if I couldn’t try it right away. I was working on other aspects of the project that needed addressing after our field trial. I need to update our yolov7 model to include our new datasets, but I think I’ll be able to get to that later in this week or early next week. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get to it.

Thanks again for your hard work!

Oh, and I noticed the RTL8735BDM boards and modules are going out of stock with most third-party sellers, so if that means they’re getting snatched up because people like them, I guess congratulations are in order? :raised_hands: