Error on Compile / Incorrect Dir Path? AMB82-Mini

I am getting the following error on compile of the sample SingleVideoWithAudio. I am noticiing that Dir Path list is incorrect. Should be “C:\Users\sonic\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\realtek\hardware\AmebaPro2”

Using core ‘ambpro2’ from platform in folder: C:\Users\sonic\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\realtek\hardware\AmebaPro2\4.0.6

“C:\Users\sonic\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_pro2_tools\1.2.16/prebuild_windows.exe” “C:\Users\sonic\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_pro2_toolchain\1.0.1-p1” “C:\Users\sonic\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_pro2_toolchain2\1.0.1-p2” 1.0.1-p1 1.0.1-p2

“C:\Users\sonic\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_pro2_tools\1.2.16/ino_validation_windows.exe” “C:\Users\sonic\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_418145” “C:\Users\sonic\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_pro2_tools\1.2.16”

[Error] AmebaPro2 directory only allow 1 SDK!!! Please check again.

dir path: C:\Users\sonic\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\hardware\AmebaPro2\

[dirName][425][Error]Failed to open directory.

exit status 1

Error compiling for board AMB82-MINI.

Hi @theCelt,

When you install the SDK, it should automatically install into C:\Users\sonic\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\hardware\AmebaPro2. Did you do any modifications?

Thank you.

I followed the instructions on this page. Ameba ARDUINO: Getting Started with AMB82 MINI (RTL8735B) – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions ( Installing the required libraries via the Arduino Board manager installation. I there a Missed Step?

Hi @theCelt,

Can you go to this path and do a screenshot of the folder? C:\Users\sonic\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\hardware\AmebaPro2
Not sure why it is saved into your OneDrive\Documents.
Thank you.

The path you reference does not exist on my system. Board manager installed it here:


Hi @theCelt,

That is very strange. Just to double confirm you are using Windows OS right?

Can you try one thing, uninstall the 4.0.6 SDK from the board manager, install 4.0.5 or the latest early release build: add this to your preferences ( Let me know if installing other version of SDK installs into your onedrive or not.

Thank you.

In the end I manually copied to the folder that you referenced. That fixed the issue.