Data logging in the AMB23 Flash


I am running ambd_sdk on RTL8722DM Mini EVB.

I am looking for a solution to store the debug logs in Flash as I cannot use SD cards and FATFs due to some limitations.

I am planning to use the 24K User space available in the Flash, I’ve seen the application note, and it shows that 0x08100000 is the starting address of it.

Here my question is
How do I determine the available Flash size after flashing the images?

  • For example, if my image is 1.3MB, then how will the addressing of Flash will work for the remaining Flash of around 0.7MB and how do I access those areas as a Use data?

Dear @ankit.chauhan ,

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In the Application Note Chapter 9 there are Flash memory layouts and the starting address and limited address specified in table 9-1.

Based on my understanding, as long as the data is not written up to the starting address of KM0 IMG2 / OTA2 section (0x0810_6000) is all considering valid User Data. And you may use the (0x0810_0600-1) minus stored log data size to calculate the available User Data section:

Thank you.

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