I’m looking into porting support for the RTL8720 (and others if possible) to tinygo to enable go based development.

Given the M0 & M4 ARM chips are very well supported by LLVM & tinygo already, the largest amount of work is creating the VSD file.

I’m wondering if @xidameng or anyone knows if either such a file exists (which is generating the SDKs today) or something similar to start from?


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Is it RTL8720DN ?

Did you mean SVD file?

Yes the RTL8720DN & yes, SVD.

RTL8720DN is part of the Ameba D family, so for details of Ameba D, you may refer to this page

Alternatively, you may check the github repo for Ameba D at here

As far as I know, there is no existing SVD file for Ameba D, as its primarily developed using GCC and IAR, SVD file is not required for these platforms