BW16 up to 4MB Flash

Hi all,
I’m just waiting on my order of some BW16’s and read online about the flash being “up to 4MB”. If I am to program the board using the arduino IDE can I erase all the flash to get the full 4MB?
My current sketch is larger than the 2MB advertised and was a little confused by the documentation and what the “up to” part actually means.

Dear @JoshBlease ,

Based on the data sheet (…/bw16_%E8%A7%84%E6…) provided by the module manufacturer AI-Thinker, the flash size is 16 Mbit, which is 2 MByte.

You can also take out the metal shield and check the Flash by it’s part number or asking help from AI-Thinker official website.

However, please feel free to upgrade the flash by yourself, I have changed the flash on BW16 with 8MB Winbond Flash as shown below:


Amazing, thanks @dakamaster! I’ll give that an attempt after I figure out how to connect to my enterprise WiFi. I’m only familiar with the arduino IDE so it’ll take some time to get my head around using the original sdk for the EAP functionality.

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