Buzzer activation after xx minutes of up time

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–Calling all coders---- :slight_smile:
Trying to utilize the rtlduino rtl8720dn as best as i can in a drone application. Along with acting as a wifi repeater, would like for the rtlduino to activate a buzzer after 45 minutes of powered up time. In other words most drones should be done flying after at max 30 minutes uptime. This is kind of a simplistic approach to being a lost drone locater,with no user intervention. This is probably an easy coding task,for someone much smarter than I.


You may use timer to track the time elapsed since power up, example code are also in the SDK,

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Hi xidemeng,

Thank You for this . Perfect. I overlooked this looking through the ambd_sdk.
I will try and learn something from this.

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