Ameba Z SDK

Hi everybody, i want compile ameba sdz for ameba z (RTL8710BN) but IAR Embedded have error when rebuild all.

Error[Lp005]: placement includes a mix of sections with content (example “ro code section .image2.ram.text in rtl8710b_psm.o(lib_platform.a) symbols: [SOCPS_SleepInit]”) [suitable for placement in ROM] and sections without content (example “zi section .bss in atcmd_wifi.o”) [suitable for placement in RAM] C:\Users\dante\Documents\RUF\amb1_sdk\project\realtek_amebaz_va0_example\EWARM-RELEASE\image2.icf 137

Hi your question has been answered on Facebook, please check the reply there

Yes but the sdk that not compiled is for ameba z family

from Facebook feedback, seems is use the IAR 9.x issue. please downgrade to the IAR 8.x . that version build success