Ameba IoT Workshop 101 Announcement

Hi Amebians! :laughing:

We are glad to announce that we have just launched an Ameba IoT Workshop 101 on the forum!

This workshop will bring you through a series of topics that are closely related to IoT (Internet of Things) and skills needed to develop IoT applications. This workshop will be offered for FREE with only a few simple prerequisites,

  1. Introduce yourself in the Random Chat section with your i) area of interest, ii) experience with IoT products, and iii) technical background to let others know you better
  1. Browsing at least 5 posts on the forum for no less than 5 minutes

Once completed, you will unlock trust level 1 on the forum and discover the Workshop 101 content hidden in the Treasure Box section.

Hope you can unlock the workshop soon and enjoy what we have prepared for you~

Ameba IoT Team

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Unable to find treasure box section

If you fail to unlock the Treasure Box section after completing all above steps, simply wait for few minutes and refresh your page and then you should be able to see it on the homepage

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