Ameba AMB23 I2C SSD1306 OLED display not work

I can work with AMB21 + I2C SSD1306 OLED display ( 128 x 32 )
but when I change DEV board , from AMB21 to AMB23 ,
This SSD OLED display is no display ,
the arduino ino code is same ,
please advice how to solve it .
Thanks , Armin Lin , 2023 0830 11:49AM

Dear @arminlinster ,

Thanks for your question and welcome to AmebaIoT Forum.

Please provide the pins that you are using for your connection together with your code shared using GitHub Gist.

Thank you.

Please check my reply => Ameba AMB23 I2C SSD1306 OLED display not work · GitHub
please help , thanks

Hi @arminlinster ,

Upon testing the compilation passes while using AMB21 or 23.

Since I don’t have SSD1306 OLED Display, there are a few things that you could test with AMB21, which is the board that is already working:

  1. From the pin map, there are 3 sets of I2C supported:

    Set1 PA26 PA27
    Set2 PB6 PB5
    Set3 PA24 PA23

    Note that Set3 is I2C1, remember to update Wire.begin() to Wire1.begin(), etc during testing.

  2. On the other hand, upon testing is done on AMB21, now we can move to AMB23, where 3 sets of I2C with different pins are assigned:

    Set1’ PA26 PA27
    Set2’ PB6 PB5
    Set3’ PA24 PA23

    Note that Set2 and Set2’, Set3 and Set3’ are using the same pins.

  3. Using the same set of I2C pins on AMB23 and retry your code.

Please do let me know whether any other clarifications are requied.
Thank you.