WPA2 Enterprise BW16

I want to connect to the WPA2 Enterprise security method with bw16. I want to connect with the SSID and password, but the
This is an advanced security method that allows only authenticated users with an SSID, ID, and password to connect.

According to the documentation, I need to sign an NDA to use it.
Am I understanding this correctly?
I use ARDUINO IDE, how can I use the above authentication method?

Hi @nicobockko ,

Wi-Fi WPA protocol currently supports WPA, WPA2, and WPA3, and they are default tuning ON.
WPA3 is able to turn ON/OFF.

May I know which documentation you are referring to? Could you please provide the SDK version that you are currently using as well? If you are not able to find specific features in Arduino IDE, please proceed to check whether it is supported in Standard SDK as well.

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but how can i use it? @dakamaster


  1. May I know which documentation you are referring to?
  1. According to your question, you need BW16 to be set in STA mode. Do you have an AP configured with WPA2-PSK TKIP&AES mode?

  2. Please refer to ConnectWithWPA.ino for your requested feature while referring to the guide here.