Store MP4 file on RAM


I am using the AMB82 MINI board, and the MP4 recording example. Is there a way to store the MP4 file in ram and stop SD card communication?

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Hi @goliveira ,

Unfortunately this feature is not available yet. Is there any reason why you will not want to store the MP4 file in SD card?

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Hi @Kelvin_Huang

Thank you for your response.

The reason is that my application uses a SPI flash to store MP4, and I wanted to re-route the file stream to the SPI bus instead of the SD card


Hi @goliveira,

For now it is still not available. However you can reroute the file stream from the SD card to the SPI bus. You can open the file stream as a buffer and send it through the SPI bus.

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Hello @Kelvin_Huang

Is it possible knowing there is no SD card in my design ? Can you give me an example or tell me which files I have to modify to send the MP4 file through SPI instead of SD card ?


Hi @goliveira,

Can I check if your MP4 file is supposed to contain image or audio?

Are you planning to send audio via SPI or send image via SPI to display on LCD screen?


Kelvin Huang

Hi @Kelvin_Huang

The MP4 will have audio and video. There is no LCD screen. I just want my file system to access a SPI flash instead of the SD card.


The original flash is driven by SPI. You need to write a SPI driver for your flash to run.

Hi @M-ichae-l and @Kelvin_Huang

I am using the SingleVideoWithAudio example as a base for the applicaion I am developing. In this example, the MP4Recording class is used to record a video with audio and store the file in a SD card.

The issue that I have is that MP4Recording class is designed specifically for writing to an SD card and doesn’t support writing to RAM or external SPI Flash. In my application, I do not have an SD card. Is there an alternative class that allows for writing MP4 files directly to RAM or external SPI Flash?

Thank you for your support