RTL8722DM fails to wakeup from deep sleep

Recently I observed an issue on RTL8722DM deep sleep. The RTL8722DM deep sleep and wakeup works fine for around 3-5 days but unbales to wakeup after that. I am using “AON_TIMER”.
#define AON_TIMER_SLEEP_DURATION 50601000//10000 // deepsleep time duration 50 to 32760000ms
#define AON_TIMER_WAKEUP_DURATION 10601000 *1000 // wakeup time duration 10 minute

It works fine for around, 3-5 days, I have also checked it with three RTL8722DM Board, but same issue.
Is this a firmware issue or anything else, Please help.


Noted, so issue were found while using Arduino SDK 3.1.2?

I am using Arduino SDK 3.0.7.

Hi ,Please update to the latest Arduino SDK (version 3.1.2) which includes some updates about power save

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