[MicroPython] Missing "Release" folder in Github repository

Release folder is no longer in the suggested repositories of MicroPython.
I checked the following repos and the branches of each repo:

Is there another way to or there is something similar to the “Double-Click-Me-to-Upload” script required to flash the MicroPython firmware?


Hi @amdhwh Thanks for reaching out to us,

That’s right, we have renamed the repository so now we will only focus on 1 repository, which is this one here,

The reason is because we are getting merged into MicroPython official repository and becoming an official supported hardware, we are undergoing code review and feature adjustment at the moment and should be completed soon~

Thus, all the exciting new features will be added to this repository only in the future.

However, if you still wish to access the previous stable releases to get started, you can check out this link at