Is there micropython support for SparkFun AzureWave Thing Plus - AW-CU488?

Hello, do you have micropython support for SparkFun AzureWave Thing Plus - AW-CU488 board? I can see that this is a board based on Realtek RTL8721DM chip, but I did not find RTL8721DM specific Web page with instructions how to install micropython there…


Hi @aziubin ,

You may want to check with the developers for the SparkFun AzureWave Thing Plus. We do not maintain micropython for that board. Because it is using realtek chip, you can test if the existing micropython SDK for realtek boards work for AW-CU488 board. No guarantee… GitHub - ambiot/micropython: MicroPython - a lean and efficient Python implementation for microcontrollers and constrained systems

Thank you.

I can see ports\ameba\boards\SPARKFUN_THINGPLUS_AWCU488 in the source code, so seems like there are chances that micropython can work on this board…