Is there any lib that support MQTT5.0 on the 872x?

We hope to use the MQTT 5.0, because we use the MQTT Sparkplug Specification, that use protobuf to shorten the payload, but the Sparkplug is very long like bellow:

spBv1.0/Group ID/Message Type/Edge Node ID/ Device ID

We hope Ameba introduce the MQTT 5.0 's topic alias feature to shorten it.

Hi @White_Jason,

Right now we do not support MQTT5.0 at the moment. I have tried finding an available library to port, but seems like not able to find. If you know of any library, do let me know, so that it can make porting this feature easier.

Thank you.

Fine, if like that, I will re-write the PubSubClient, just add 100 lines to support the lite-MQTT5.0 to shorten the topic for my current project. or add 1000 lines to support other features.

Here is the Arduino mqtt5nano lib released last year.
Arduino MQTT5 Nano