Is it possible run MicroPython on RTL8720DN(BW16)?

Or plan to do that?
RTL8720DN have enough hardware resource to run MicroPython.

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Thanks for your interest, we would also like to run MicroPython on RTL8720DN, but currently it does not have enough RAM to run MicroPython(or lacks of memory optimazation), thus MicroPython is currently only supported on RTL8722DM which has 4MB PSRAM to spare.

If you are interested, you can take a look at the Github hub repo and try to optimize it for RTL8720DN

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How much RAM is available on this device?

Same as RTL8722DM, 512K RAM, but only around 456K is available for user

Oh, that ought to be plenty, though it makes perfect sense to make it a lower priority to the RTL8722DM.

Yeah, RTL8722DM has 4MB PSRAM, so some of the MicroPython memory are using PSRAM.

But I am also quite interested in how to lower the RAM requirement from MicroPython? besides disabling REPL and RF feature?

Hi @water-35 and @mattyt

I have managed to shift all memory to SRAM and get MicroPython working on BW16 aka RTL8720DN, will let you know once I push it to the github



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