Introduction to developing MicroPython #2 -- Environment Setup


Environment Setup for Devs.

To build a MicroPython firmware using provided SDK successfully, the key to to get all necessary software and set them up correctly.

Here list the most important software that are used in making the firmware,

  • Cygwin: This is the first software you need to install, and we recommand using 32-bit version even for a 64-bit machine. During cygwin installation, there are 2 things you need to pick as well, they are GNU make under Devel category and bc under Math category

  • Python3 : We need python3 to process some python script invoked during the making process, so this is needed. When installing, make sure to choose to add python3 to your system’s evironmental variable PATH so that cygwin knows where to look for the python3 executable file

  • Toolchain : This is the most important part of the SDK and luckily toolchain is provided in the SDK and will be automatically installed during the first time compilation

  • Teraterm : Teraterm is an free serial COM software that allow users to interact with MicroPython through REPL (Read Evaluate Print and Loop) prompt. Of course there are other options for serial COM, you may choose the ones you like, but make sure to set baud rate to 115200 in order to talk to REPL

  • Text editor : To develop efficiently, you need a powerful text editor to help you better understand the code and provide necessary help using its built-in code hinting and deifinition checking features. There are too many options out there, the most common ones are Visual Studio Code, Sublime, Notepad++ and etc.

Good news is all above mentioned software come free of charge so make sure to download and install them beforehand.

That’s all for now, stay tuned and happy coding :wink:

Looks very easy to use

Thanks, and yes, MicroPython is very easy to use, that’s the purpose of MicroPython-- Python language + live programming and execution, best for beginners or Python lovers