E-ink project part 7

Posted on old forum September 21, 2020

Continue from the last post.
This is the last demo of the Eink.
Ameba-D supports low power modes which are deepsleep mode. Deepsleep mode turns off most of the system power domain. The power consumptions of core module in DeepSleep Mode is around 7uA to 8uA compare to normal state around 22mA. This example gives demo of system switch between “working” and “sleep”(power save).Using DHT sensor to read data and display on Eink screen when system is awake. After 5 seconds system auto enter DeepSleep Mode for power save. System will wake up by wakeup source.( Aon timer, Aon Pins or RTC timer).

And three is one more thing happy 2021 CNY!!!

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