E-ink project part 2

Continued with E-ink screen and RTL8722 project. I have run some tests and makes use of the E-ink screen.
By following the link below, I have tested the screen is functional well with Arduino Uno.

The test is simple shows the E-ink is only used SPI and GPIO for controlling and displaying. So next step is mapping all connection with RTL8722 by the following pin layout link.

RTL8722 has issues with E-ink following the link. This because the PIN10 for E-ink is used for both SPI and GPIO. Uno is fine but not RTL. So I added an extra GPIO pin connected with PIN10 for giving signals from the hardware method. The E-ink works fine with RTL8722. However, this solution is not the best as it requires one more pin. I am working on it and trying to find a better solution for the E-ink work with RTL8722 using minimal hardware resources.

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