Does BW16 support writting html and css file into flash?

I know that ESP32 can use the SPIFFS to write/read the HTML and CSS file.
I want to write html and css file into flash in my project.
But the example in Arduino, I didn’t find the relevant method to do this.
Would any one tell me how to do this ?

Hi You can use SD card to store your HTML and CSS file and example is avaiable here

If you insist on using Flash, you also have the option to store and read from Flash using the FlashMemory library and example is here

Hi @xidameng
But BW16 didn’t provide the SD card slot to use.
Is there no way to create a file system in flash?
I think that use the FlashMemory example to write/read the html and css is not a good way.
Because the content still needs to be written in the program.
If there is a better way to do, please let me know how to do.

bcos there is a working example for SD file system, so you may consider adding a SD card via SPI, and edit the SD file system library accordingly. Or you may opt for ameba D Standard SDK for file system on Flash instead, the example is at here

I got it. I will consider to add the sd card.
Is it possible to release the file system in Flash for Arduino in the future ?
Thank you for your prompt reply.


Yes, it’s possible, you may create a feature request post on this forum so you can track the progess once there are any