BW16 - error: Flashloader download fail


I have an error that I see for the first time while developing BW16

The contents are the error log as shown in the figure below.

this occurred when uploading a source code in the ArduinoIDE after entering the download mode.

  • I used a USB to FTDI cable

please tell me what that error means


the flashloader download is the first part of the image download process.
Can you verify that the wires from the FTDI cable are securely connected to the BW16? It looks like the flashloader download may have been interrupted, thus it could not proceed with the rest of the download.

Thank you,
but It’s still resolved , so I’m asking more questions.

as shown below, I send/receive BW16 Rx, Tx data through
the MAX3232 chip, but is it impossible to upload using a USB to FTDI cable?

Or is it impossible to use the MAX3232 chip to upload sources to the ‘BW16’ itself?

It looks like the MAX3232 chip does not support a high enough baud rate. The upload speed on Windows & Linux default to 1.5 Mbps, while it seems the MAX3232 chips only go up to 250 kbps.

There should be no need to use the MAX3232 chip, have you tried connecting the FTDI output directly to BW16?

Even if the MAX3232 is 250Kbps
Since the baudrate itself uses 115200bps, it is probably not because of the speed.

Uploading firmware uses a higher speed to reduce wait time.
I would suggest try connecting the FTDI directly to BW16, or use a 3.3V USB-UART converter if you are concerned about the voltage levels.

Can you give me to the documentation stating that the firmware upload uses a higher speed to reduce latency?

Could you please tell me the documentation or website.

This is not explicitly stated, but in the user manual chapter 8 on using the ImageTool, it can be seen that the upload speed can be configured. The Arduino IDE upload process work in the same way, but uses the default speed of 1.5 Mbaud, which can be seen when using a logic analyzer to capture the upload process.

I want to change the baud rate to 115200bps when uploading, but I can’t change it in the Arduino IDE?

changing the upload speed is not available in Arduino IDE

So, other than the Arduino IDE, how can I control the upload speed?
Is it possible to upload the source at the speed of 115200 using the Image Tool?

You can choose to download the Image Tool, then use it to upload the images compiled in Arduino IDE.
The Arduino IDE compiled images can be found in \AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_d_tools\1.0.7

Thank you.
After converting the ArduinoIDE Source File (.ino) to .bin, I set the baud rate to 115200 using AmebaImageTool and downloaded it, and it was successful.

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Go to packages/realtek/hardware/AmebaD/3.1.4/platform.txt
Replace 1500000 with 230400.
That’s all.