Ameba Likes GitHub event 2023-09-14

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Ameba Likes GitHub

This event is organized by the Realtek Singapore SD3 team and is held as a virtual event. The purpose of this event is to encourage engagement and interaction among users of Ameba within the Facebook group.

You are welcome to showcase your GitHub projects, collaborate with other makers, or seek assistance to enhance your project. This will boost the visibility and contributions of your GitHub page.

Let’s examine the meaning of “Ameba Likes GitHub”. Firstly, within the context of the event, “Ameba” development boards are being used, “like” serves as a scoring criterion, and “GitHub” is the platform for promoting the event. Secondly, in English, “Ameba likes GitHub” signifies that Ameba development boards are compatible with GitHub and encourages users to explore development on the GitHub platform.

This section is dedicated to the Ameba Likes GitHub event. Its purpose is to provide a space for participants and those who are interested in this event to discuss. It is open to all the participants from Ameba Facebook community and all open-source users. Everyone are welcome to engage in enthusiastic discussions. There are minimal restrictions on discussions, except for topics involving political viewpoints, racial discrimination, advocating violence, explicit content, fraud, and related matters.

Below are the details for the Ameba Likes GitHub event (2023).

1. Event Schedule :calendar:

  • 2023-08-14, 2:00PM (UTC+8) ~ 2023-09-14, 2:00PM (UTC+8)

2. Event Guidelines :information_source:

  • Participants are required to create Ameba-related projects using their own GitHub accounts.
    • These projects can be either repositories of your own creation or forks.
    • The projects posted should not be earlier than 1 week before the start of the event (2023-08-14, 0:00 AM, UTC+8).
    • Share your projects in the Facebook group and include the hashtag “#我要AMB82”. Your Facebook posts must be set to public visibility.
    • Each participant can share multiple projects throughout the competition.
    • Throughout the event duration, scores will be calculated based on the number of “likes” on the shared Facebook posts in the Ameba IoT Development Community and the number of “stars” on the GitHub project repositories.
      • 1 “like” = 1 point, starting from the 10th “like”.
      • 1 “star” = 5 points, starting from the 2nd “star”.

3. Event Prizes :trophy:

  • Once the event concludes, the organizing team will collate the scores obtained by all participants. This will determine the final rankings and prize distribution.
    • The top 10 participants will receive a free AMB82-mini development board.
    • The top 5 participants will receive a AmebaIoT surprise gift additionally.
      • In the event of tied scores, priority will be given to comparing the “star” scores.
      • If scores are tied and the “star” scores are also identical, participants will share the same rank. Shared rankings will occupy consecutive positions. For example, if there are 3 participants tied for the 2nd position, the subsequent position will start from the 5th position.
      • For each participant, if multiple project shares are submitted, only the highest-scoring share will be considered for calculation.

 The final interpretation of the event is owned by the Realtek Singapore SD3 team.
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